About Me

I am an amateur photographer with a big eye. I love using different angles in my pictures to show different perspectives of the shot. I am somewhat new to the modeling photography business, but I think I have caught on quickly. I have done a couple of photo shoots, not professionally, and just recently participated in a more professional setting. I dont like to use photoshop, so I try to get the best images i can (using photoshop to only make minor tweeks). I think I have fun behind the lense and I make it comfortable for those I shoot. I think that is a huge key in being a good photographer. I dont charge, but if you want to pay me thats awesome, I'll produce. Work is TF until I post that its not!! Lets have fun and shoot something !!



22 Apr 10 09:43
Hello and welcome
20 Apr 10 20:02
Milke, welcome to iStudio. Great port with Gorgeous models....
20 Apr 10 17:00
An impressive port for an...amateur? Welcome. Hope we get a chance to talk.
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