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Hair Color:Red
Hair Length:Short
Eye Color:Blue
Ethnicity :Caucasian
Skin Color:White
Experience:Very Experienced
Compensation:Paid Assignments Only
Join:7 Mar 2012
Last:18 Sep 2013

About Me


I will never be rude enough to message you first and ask for you to pay me, so i hope you dont disrespect me by messaging me to work for you for free.  


…Always seeking international sponsors, hosts & help


♥Let's be honest: People shoot me because i'm cute, fun, anti-drama, silly & nerdy♥
♥My posing & emotive ability, affordability, drive & sellability are just fringe benefits.♥

♥absurd employee of tortured artists & disgruntled business owners. mannequin of the imagination. Doll of the universal production. cool person you should get to know. Worker for the masses. Leader of my colleagues. Possessor of neatness.♥

♥Not your average lady. not your typical model. I'm just a crazy gal with a give-em-hell attitude here to make pretty pictures for the world to enjoy long after i'm gone 0♥


★I come to every shoot SANS scars, tan lines, drama, bruises, self image issues, ego, bad acne, drugs, cellulite, stubble, hangovers, crappy tattoos, or a bad attitude.★

★I come to every shoot WITH base makeup, a toned body, good hair & wigs, imagination, food in my belly, mischief on my mind, creative ideas, clothing options.★

★I haz wigs if you don't like my hair, contacts if you don't like my eyes, spray makeup if you don't like my pores, shoes if you don't like my feet, bras if you don't like my boobs, and a sense of humor if you don't like my page 0★

a clear, well lit, in focus, photo of me w/o makeup, retouching, hair product, trickery, etc.


My standard rate quote is $100/hr with a 2 hr minimum.
♥long bookings, long term clients, promotional work, event shooting etc. will be less.♥
♥eroticism, video, or extensive labor, preparation, traveling, scripts, etc will be more.♥

♥U can always find someone willing to do more for less, but a bargain in price is rarely the best deal in quality. Your time and sanity are more valuable than a couple bills.♥

♥I do not Trade my time for port images. I do not TFP in the rain, I would not TFCD on a train. I will not do TF* at all and will not change this if you call. ♥


★FOR NEW CLIENTS: I will require a $25 deposit for bookings 2-4 weeks in advance, $50 for 4-8 weeks, $75 for 8-12 weeks and Any further notice will be $100.★

★I understand if you have to cancel/reschedule but i require notice in order to rebook.
With 4-7 days notice i will expect $25. 2-4 days $50. less than 48hrs $75. If you give me less than 24hrs notice i will expect $100 to my paypal oriasbastet @gmail★

Respect mah authoritah or ye shall be walkin the plank with this angry nerd at your back



♥My limits for video are higher than for photos because i cannot control angle as much.♥

♥NOTHING explicit. NO Pornography. DO NOT PASS GO, DO NOT COLLECT $200♥



★I have an extensive resume of websites, magazines, promotional material, advertisement campaigns, billboards, galleries, b-budget movie roles, workshop teaching, event hosting, Live performance, Product spokes-modeling, etc. IF you want some specifics, please ask. ★  

I am severely antisocial. Mediocrity frightens me
My "Stupid" Tolerance is rock bottom (where it was born and raised)
I'm an advocate to forced sterilization of delusion (can't have that procreating further)
My Diva Facilitation ratio is in the negative with no signs of shifting
I believe in aborting bad ideas before they become everyone's financial responsibility
since when are drugs professional currency in this community? I missed the memo
My passion for idiocracy is a figment of your imagination
My existence is not to stroke your fragile ego or build up your confidence
I do not feel that i have had my fill of cowbell
Prostitution should be legal to weed out fictitious models and producers
False fronts of professionalism and income and ability make me giggle
Properly constructed and implemented Eugenics is the only hope for mankind
There is nothing more adequate than a good train wreck to cure boredom
Poke me and i will wait for 6 years then find you in an alley and poke you harder
you're supposedly a professional? Then you can afford a test shoot to prove it
Looking for integrity, honor, loyalty, courage, & honesty? Me too, lets team up
Looking for a mother? Eat your beans!
Need exclusive content? I I will sign contracts for niche topics
Looking for a girlfriend? I already have one and she's cuter than you ;P
Are you looking to join someone for a photo road trip? HOORAY! pm me
Looking for Awesome? You're Welcome 0
Bizarre/taboo/gore/sacreligious/etc. themes interest you? let's do it!
Allergic to fun on set? prepare to die

This is not the page you were looking for :waves hand:, this is way cooler and the complete coolness of the situation shall sink in when you least expect it... i'll wait 0


12 Mar 14 17:15
Fantastic work! Wish you were here... aloha
08 Mar 12 14:06
nice look. Love to talk about possible shooting together.
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