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Weight:112 lbs
Hair Color:Red
Hair Length:Long
Eye Color:Hazel
Ethnicity :Caucasian
Skin Color:White
Experience:Very Experienced
Compensation:Depends on Assignment
Join:2 Sep 2010
Last:23 Apr 2014

About Me

* The first photo in my portfolio is a true-to-what-I-REALLY-look-like head shot. Should I make any changes in hair cut or color I will due my best to update the photo OR note changes here.* My hair is red. I am slow updating photos on this site.

***TRAVEL Update***
I am currently living Fremont CA. Have car and passport, and like traveling.

I have been modeling as my profession since 2003. This is my job, it can be fun but I take it seriously. I've worked a lot in the fine art circles. I am extremly comfortable with nudity. I also do fashion, glamour, underwater, fetish, bondage and erotic. Please be aware that I am NOT interested in doing PORN. I have nothing against it, I am just not interested in participating

When contacting me about shooting PLEASE include info about the TYPE of shoot. I will assume we will be working at my posted rates unless you initially approach me with something else.

RATES: (as of 2012)
$20 per hr figure-drawing / life painting (no photography)
$30 per hr fashion/glamour/portrait
$50 per hr fine-art nude / artistic nude
$75 per hr playboy-style nudes / glamour nudes.
$150 per hr Underwater (nude or clothed)
$200 per hr Erotic / Fetish / non-suspension Bondage (I DON'T do porn)
Body Painting rates vary depending on assignment and type of paint used.

Day Rates:
Day rates includes any of the above types of shoots or combination there of, I do want to know before hand the styles you are wanting to do.
$ 500 - Half day rate (4 hours)
$1,000 - Day rate (8 hours)
(the math: Booking me for 4 hours of bondage at my hourly rate would be $800 BUT booking me at a half day rate for bondage, 4hrs, is $500 ).

I am up for most challenges. I am very good at my job, and I am worth every penny. My rates are MORE than reasonable and they are negotiable.

I work very well with other models, male or female. I am not shy about intertwining with other models as long as I know they are okay with contact. But please remember I don't do porn. I am not going to grab a mans junk!

TF: I rarely do TF but I am an artist/photographer myself and enjoy helping fellow artist create. TF RULES: The shots must benefit both out portfolios. I understand that editing/retouching images takes time, but I do expect a disk of either edited images or unedited images within ONE month. If you can't get images to me in a timely fashion then keep in touch and tell me this fact.

TF shoots I'd be happy to do: Posing with (live) Bunnies, snakes, tarantulas...
I also want to pose with a piano, preferably a grand piano.

I'd like to get more gritty, less pretty where I'm disheveled and half covered in sand, mud, dirt or soaking wet in the rain but looking straight into the camera and commanding attention.

TRAVEL: I am willing to travel. I have a valid passport. I expect travel expenses to be paid for especially if I am doing TF with you. Unless prior arrangements have been made.

TATTOOS, PIERCINGS, & MISC: I've had a tattoo at the base of my spine - I take no offense to you having a MUA cover it, or photoshopping it out. I've had a navel ring since 1998, it's never come out (seriously, the ring is defective). I have double piercings in my ear lobes and 3 cartilage piercings in my left ear - I do not typically wear earrings. I have two small braids behind my left ear, with a few beads. I've had them since 1996, unless you are Christain Bale, Dita Von Tease, or are paying me a lot of money I will not take them out. I usually wear a silver necklace on my left ankle and three rings on my left thumb, I am more than happy to remove them if requested. NONE of these have ever been a problem before. Tan lines I avoid like plague, but sometimes it is unavoidable, I post updates on any tan lines I get.

HAIR & MAKEUP: h&m is very time consuming! I typically do not wear make up or 'fix' my hair. I prefer looking natural, but I am good with Makeup, I am only ok with hair. My hair is very straight. If you want it curled and do not have a stylist, I need to know 24 hours in advance. Please let me know in advance about your Hair & Makeup desires.

HAIR- Meaning pubic hair: I usually have full hair because i prefer it. Growing it back is a long and annoying process, therefore mild trimming requests are okay, but any removal requests have an extra fee attached to it. So unless you specifically request trimmed or removed I will come as I am.

CONTACT: Best way to contact me is an MM email or regular email (listed on my website).

WARDROBE/PROPS: I have some lingerie, sheer silk scarves, heels, calf high black boots, stockings & fishnets, handcuffs, vampire teeth, bellydance scarf, blue Mandarin dress, a bag of fabrics for fine art, and other normal things like jeans n stuff.

I am on facebook, OneModelPlace (#138322), and Modelmayhem (#477152).
Check out my website for more photos.
Erotic/Fetish photos are available upon request.

I am also a Photographer. My istudio photographer #1404987

Have a super day

I am a life-long Migraine sufferer. Several a month. I have a medication that helps with most occurances. Once taken the medication takes up to two hours to get rid of the migraine. I can pose on the medication but try to avoid driving, if we have a shoot scheduled and I get a migraine but knock it out with medication and you are willing to pick me up Awesome! I also try to avoid direct harsh sunlight after a migraine as it can retrigger it. In the event of a severe Migraine I will contact any bookings for that day and have to cancel.



I have worked with many photographers over the years. I am no longer going to list them all.

Here is a short list of the photographers I work with many many times (always a pleasure)...
Stan Trampe. Fine Art Nude. since 2004
Ron Barlow fashion, art, nude. since 2004
Mermaid Hunter. underwater. since 2006

I have worked with too many models to list them all

Francais Nickolas Andrade/San Francisco 2005
Krista Gobeli/St.Louis 2006
Erica /St.Louis, 2007
Gauche Coast/St.Louis, 2008
Ashley Lueckenhoff/St. Louis 2010

live art shows, local colleges, artist groups, St. Louis Artist guild...


26 Aug 14 11:47
Lovely work!
14 Feb 11 09:44
Excellent work
16 Sep 10 21:33
Beautiful images Best wishes to you, Nina
14 Sep 10 00:38
Great Avatar and portfolio. Alex
07 Sep 10 19:03
Strong and versatile portfolio, including mature & articulate language in your comments above. Your personality is well represented and the information is appropriate and helpful. You're exactly the kind of model I wish we had more of in my area.
06 Sep 10 06:09
I love shooting red heads. Just not enough of them to go around.
04 Sep 10 14:41
Welcome to iStudio! Lovely gallery. :@) Pietro
02 Sep 10 14:27
Just visiting your page to say hi and welcome! Please let me know if you're ever in need of professional photo retouching
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