About Me


I am a young photographer out of Salt Lake City and taking pictures started out as a fun hobby with a close group of girlfriends and now, it's still kind of a fun hobby with a close group of girlfriends, plus some. Let me know if you like what I do, and if you're interested in working with me just send a message my way.

I'm kind of a picky photographer so if you're looking for cute, sorry, I don't do cute. I do beauty, abstract, artistic and high fashion mainly.

Photography is my art and I'm interested in working with creative minded people who can challenge me.


18 Jul 11 00:50
I see you haven't been on for a very long time....if you get this msg me and we should set up a shoot!! :)
24 Nov 09 02:02
Love your port :) Great work! Fred-E
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