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About Me

I've been shooting random things for awhile but have shied away from shooting people until recently. I'm still trying to find a style of my own, but I typically like dark, gritty, raw photos using natural light in dirty environments (abandoned houses, rural/urban decay) more than those shot and polished in studios. Joshua Black Wilkins is my favorite photographer and his style is very close to what I'm striving for.

Like I said, I'm starting out and need to get experience from the bottom up (gotta pay your dues). If any photographers on here need a studio assistant or a lackey to help set up lights, get coffee, etc, I'd be grateful for the opportunity to learn.

If you're just starting out modeling and want TFP/TFCD to build up your portfolio, I'd love to help out. Also, I'm extremely open to YOUR ideas and how you want your photos to look. Escorts are totally fine as well.

The best way to reach me is kershnerphotography at gmail dot com


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Photographers who I've shot with, have helped me out, taught me a thing or two, etc:
#1117500 - Charles Butler
#0519108 - Parris S
#0592802 - TJ Morgan
#1325580 - PeterP Photography

See my work in:
OnTap Magazine
DucPond Motorsports website


09 Jun 10 13:20
Welcome to iStudio.
09 Jun 10 04:21
Just stopping by your page to say hi! Please let me know if I can ever be of any assistance with retouching any of your photos.
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