About Me

My name is Giancarlo Marino. I'm a fashion and beauty photographer based in Tokyo Japan.

My work has been described as Classic, romantic and clean. These are three qualities that make up a perfect image and I try to nail it every time.

I was born in Naples Italy, I picked up my first camera at age 12. It was a Kodak camera bought with the money I saved from my weekly allowance, I began photographing the beauty that surrounded me in my hometown Naples. In high school I began to take interest in the beautiful Italian designers that I saw in fashion magazines such as Vogue and W magazine. Being 100% Italian it was love at first sight.

My main interest are:

Fashion, beauty, talent, swimwear, head shots, model portfolio photography.

私はジャンカルロ マリーノです。ファッション&ビューティーフォトグラファーを中心に日本の東京で活動しています。自分の作品を表現するとしたら、クラシック、ロマンティック、クリーンな感じです。3のクオリティーによって完璧なイメージが確立され日々努力しています。






24 Jun 10 12:46
Ciao, benvenuto ! Greetings from London!
23 Jun 10 00:14
Just stopping by your page to say hi! Please let me know if I can ever be of any assistance with retouching any of your photos.
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