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I am an advanced artist, and an intermediate photographer looking for female models who wish to have their photographs noticed. I am very passionate, and professional about my photography, its in my blood.

As far as images go, I love shooting the edgy side, to bring out the power in sensuality. My influences are Gil Elvgren, and his form of pin up art. Glamour photography in the Maxim style is my forte . So, if this is what youre looking for, perhaps we can work together. Shoots should be fun and enjoyable! Your comfort, and respect, is top priority and will never be compromised. All photos are strictly confidential, unless, you give me the approval to publicly display, or publish.

I will do selected TFP/TFCD shoots if it benefits my portfolio, otherwise I have a small charge for most sessions to develop your portfolio. I have shot a number of models. However, I do not pay models for shoots. I do my very best to produce great images, ones that will pop out to the viewer, so that they are noticed. Before a shoot is established, we will have to arrange a time, and date. Please take this into account. I put a lot of time and money into my sessions, so please be on time and serious about the session. If you cant make it, just call before hand.

Please, feel free to bring an escort if you choose.

Now with all that out of the way, please review my portfolio, and contact me if you wish to work with me. It is my desire that every photo event will be one that is cherished, and is a great experience for all my clients.

951 796 8543

AIM - perry5pts
Yahoo IM - perryp2007
MSN - perryp2005


Models I've worked with:

Pin Up Sway MM#217201 x5
Monkey Toez MM#35171 x3
Cynthia Allen
Vandetta MM #156587
Destiny Renea MM#237408 x3
Jazmin Garcia MM#219460 x2
Aaron Azzarito MM##245789
Danielle Depew MM#206743 x2
Maya Lei MM#241405
Nicola MM#242594 x4
LeahAnn MM# 184680
Allykat MM#18262
Gortman Twins MM#242862
John Vallas MM#178400
Kim MM#227973
January Rose MM#25586
Tamra James
Miss Nancy MM#242907 x2
Lacie Marie MM#138609
Gabrielita MM#254281
Tami Sims MM#133846 x4
Gwannenmanveri MM#257944
Alexis Skye MM#1657
Laura Baker MM#239449
Erika Leyva MM#20084
Melinda Romine
Kelly Maxwell
Ysania MM#350849 x3
Brittany Lay x2
Ashley Bramwell MM#364967 x3
Ashley Millions
Alexandra Weintraub
Karrissa Schiefelbein
Nareman Huamani
Brianna Lilley
Cecilia Isberg MM#358977 X2
Heather Hargett
Lauren Sims
Marilyn Johnston MM#223373
Mindy Boyer
Lilly Boyer
Landry Carlyn MM#385288
Courtney Eribick
Flor Vico
SheDevil796 MM#369041 x2
Kiana Balisinski x2
Ashley Arms x3
Redddd MM#414162 x2
Ashlee Brown
Charlie Kristine MM#169262 x2
Chongsong MM#451386
Kate Munney MM#421274
Tereyn MM#350366
Alana Cortez MM#473606
Traci Solar MM#377977
Pauline Salazar MM#220675
Lee Moua MM#480670 x2
Jorida Cocaj X3
NatalieDreame MM#90855
Stephanie Solarez MM#378713 x2
Shodire MM#346371 x3
Jennifer McCowen MM#127596 x2
Michaela Largent MM#127596 x2
Dawn Morris x2
Tavia Spizer MM#3668
Theresa Sandahl MM#503490
Chantelle Gascoigne MM#178787
Morgan Mitchell MM#472487
Sonya Sommers MM#470759 x3
KellysLove MM#374920 x3
Chantel La Toya MM#121987
Shenoah MM#460277 x2
Maggie McCormick
Karen Stuble x2
Traci Davis
Rebel Smith MM#396881 x2
Brandy Balke x2
Nastasha Noel X2
Sarah McNeil
Alicia Bellamy MM#609059
Camilynn MM#524060

Sorry, just too many to list all of them!


Kimberley Martinez MM#179086
Robin Membiela
Raquel Lite MM#343315
Erin Lawson MM#627134

Companies I have shot for:
Pink Ink Industries
74 Motorsports


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