About Me

Hello iStudio.

I'm looking to network and work with those looking to have their photos retouched or given a new look, making a great photo even better. And to get my name out there.

Retouch Services Offered:
- Color Correction and enhancement
- Body enhancement/morphing
- Blur Correction/Shapren
- Airbrushing
- Blemish Removal
- Black & White (or partial B&W leaving certain portions of the pic in color)
- Background Implementations
- And more...
Check out my port for a small sample of some of my work. And the Additional Pix link' for even more. Leave a comment on what you like. If you like.
Photo/s will be returned to you in a very reasonable timeframe.

Contacting Me:
Yahoo IM: Defiance797
Email: Defiance_797@yahoo.com
And of course Messages and Tags on here as well.

Contact me for pricing info.
Very Reasonable Rates.
All payments made via paypal.
TF is also available.

I look forward to working with you.

I'll leave u with a lil quote I found....
"The size of your next step doesn't matter as much as the direction it's in."



Everyone I have worked with thus far.


20 Apr 11 13:19
Thanks for the love. Stop by and heat up out pages anytime. Over 8 million readers worldwide and growing! And visit us on Twitter, and also Model Mayhem. We're offering FREE test shoots, and you May just be our next cover girl like Model Jessica Grey!
23 Jan 11 20:35
Very good!!!
23 Jan 11 10:07
Thanks for the FR! and I appreciate the compliment :) your port looks great
01 Dec 10 14:54
You ROCK! : ) Arreyon
04 Jul 10 02:53
03 Jul 10 16:16
Welcome to iStudio! Great works!
30 Jun 10 18:24
Fantastic work! Mihaela
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