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About Me

I am a professional trading card artist and graphic designer. I like to get involved in any project I can that sounds like fun, and I specialize in the human figure, relevant to the comic book industry. I work mainly on a commission basis, but I also generally am on contract with one of many trading card companies I work for.


Marvel Universe from Rittenhouse Archives (Upcoming)
Marvel Comics Avengers: Kree/Skrull War from Upper Deck (Upcoming)
Vampirella from Breygent Marketing (Upcoming)
Project Superpowers from Breygent Marketing (Upcoming)
Marvel Comics Dangerous Divas from Rittenhouse Archives (2011)
Marvel Comics Beginnings from Upper Deck (2011)
Marvel Comics Captain America: The First Avenger from Upper Deck(2011)
Lady Death from 5Finity (2011)
Sheena: Queen of the Jungle from 5Finity (2011)
Marvel Comics Heroes and Villains from Rittenhouse Archives(2010)
The Pro from 5Finity (2010)
Femforce from Sadlittles (2010)
Golden Age of Comics from Breygent Marketing (2010)
Woodstock Era Concert Posters from Breygent Marketing