About Me

Ok, HERE WE GO.. i'm the kind of person who's humble
and very respectful to people who respects me
and respectable in any way,
i'm not the kind of person you have to impress,
for me to be friends with you,
i'm friends with everybody..

"As long as your TRUE and not FAKE."

I can be a bitch sometimes but i know you can get over me.
don't backstabb please? that's not nice..
i will accept whatever words you would stabb me with directy,
but not behind me.
If I hate you,
I may not be the person who's Perfect,
I'm not that pretty, sexy, or even gorgeous..
But who cares?
I know i'm ME and i know Myself as Unperfect...
Co'z guess what?
i'm not IMMORTAL, i'm not a GOD, i'm not an APOCALYPSE,
but I'm just a simple living PERSON.
and thats how God planned me to be.
and that's ME!


21 Apr 12 16:59
Welcome to iStudio. Wish you lived locally so we could shoot.
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