About Me

Lets start with something easier to read =)

Name : RaynorC

A freelance photographer, with a big dream about excelling in photography, always up for new challenges and ideas.

Does a lot of photoshoot work,enjoy the moment meeting with new people, and become friends behind the lens. Just loved to share the work piece with people that appreciates 'em =)

So let's say, if you like my work and think that we could work together, drop me a mail or something, I should be pretty fast in response, so you won't have to wait too long.

Check me out on FB (where you can see most of my work being uploaded to) or msn with the same email below.


Travel Plan :

p/s: drop me a note if you would like to meetup when i visit your town =)


10 Mar 13 01:12
Welcome to IStudio, bro! What took u such a long time of waiting?
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