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Thanks for taking time to view my portfolio and am very appreciated. I've been in the industry for many years, and I'm doing commercial photography mainly. Beside that, I do shoot TF for creative and art, so if any artist such as MUA, stylist, and model who would like to work with me, please drop me a line. Please note that I am busy sometime, and don't feel offensive when I say I'm busy cus I'm really. Feel free to contact me whenever you come by visit Hong Kong again.

For whom is not a iStudio member, please do not contact me for TF through my official website because it is for business purpose only.

Also, have been joined iStudio many months, I have received many valuable comments from other members which give me a lot of input and become good friends. Thank you all!

As a GWC's buddy, I don't have much money to buy a Phase P65 digital back and camera, instead I make a pin hole camera for fun. I had traded in my 4X5 Sinar to DSLR camera and feel good because at least not using a point and shoot or disposable camera. I use sun light mainly, but window light is even better. At night, candle light is my favour and light them up everynight. I use as many as I can get, but it depands on how much money in my pocket. If that is my pay day or your birthday, you will have a lot of candles ; ) The older you're, the brighter you have!


Regarding the friend request: Please tag or comment first ; )





emSpecial thanks for the following models who I've worked with:/em0

Adriana MM's # 199628 Toronto X2
Antonino R MM's # 835262 Hong Kong
Amanda D MM's # 378929 Toronto
Amanda S MM's # 428943 Hong Kong X 2
Ashley Mor MM's # 99737 Hong Kong X 2
Brand B MM's # 408674 Hong Kong X 2
Cake Injection MM's # 342303 Hong Kong
Christine L MM's # 100509 Toronto
Erin MM's # 34909, OMP's # 155690 Toronto
Gennavive MM's # 334712 Delaware
Heather MM's # 147603 Toronto
Isabelle MM's # 53176, OMP's # 187086 Toronto X 2
Isabelle Chui MM's # 411588 Hong Kong
Jessica M Wills MM's # 507737 Hong Kong
Jackie MM's # 381966 Toronto
Jade MM's # 544957 Delaware
Jaana MM's # 498184 Hong Kong
Jennifer OMP's # 197994 Toronto
Jessie OMP's # 38198 Toronto
Jet Lag MM's # 874593 Hong Kong
Jile Cai MM's # 422579 Toronto
Ksenia D N MM's # 151548 Hong Kong X 4
Liora MM's # 247774 Delaware
Mandy Y MM's # 71041 (L.A.) @ Hong Kong
Mariya Shanti MM's # 531104 Hong Kong
Martina MM's # 24918, OMP's # 185063 Toronto X 2
Moggly MM's # 69380, OMP's # 216036 Toronto
Nadya Lam MM's # 596977 X 3
Ovy Anghel MM's # 270624 Hong Kong
PinkTulip MM's # 98732, OMP's # 227791 Toronto
Romeo Ferrari MM's 407737 Macau / Hong Kong
Sacha OMP's # 255254 Hong Kong
Toni OMP's # 220264 Toronto
Wei MM's # 367059 Hong Kong
Wild Orchid MM's # 559571 Hong Kong X 4

emAnd Hair Stylist:/em

Hair Enforcer MM's # 38450 Toronto @HK

emAlso MUAs:/em

Amit MM's # 541165 Toronto
Crystal MM's # 493159 MD/DC/VA
Jenny MM's # 544380 Toronto
Kelly MM's # 95815 Toronto X3
Lesley Ho MM's # 507893 Hong Kong X many times
N Wi MM's # 645234 Hong Kong
Rachel Wei MM's # 791162 (L.A.) @ Hong Kong X3

emAs well as wardrobe stylists:/em

Cathy MM's # 380217 MD/DC/VA
Harry Lam MM's # 517927 Hong Kong
Melissa Mck MM's # 528232 Toronto
Navi MM's # 546801 Toronto
Patryk Chaou MM's # 721406 Hong Kong

emMoreover, the photographers that I've collaborated:/em

Benji MM's # 574036 Toronto
DiRi-FineArts MM's # 436845 Germany
Leo C Artistic Photos MM's # 402952 Delaware
Leo Chan MM's MM's # 222315 Delaware
Rick Dubya MM's # 483889 Shenzhen, China


12 May 10 23:15
Thank you for FR! Good portfolio, I love the ant that run outlining the infinity on the front page!
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